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Introducing PiloT

From hippie to hip-hop, pocket flags and bindle bags; the iconic paisley bandana has long been a signifier of subcultural affiliation. Drawing its name from the Sanskrit word meaning “to tie”, functionality and symbolism are woven into one.

Deconstructing this classic textile, Pilot is a composition of cartographical elements inspired by World War II evasion maps. Encoded and camouflaged under the guise of a floral motif, the tone-on-tone jacquard shimmers and retreats within a contrasting neatline.

McSwain Dashes.png
McSwain - background box color.jpg
McSwain Terrazzo background bandana (1).jpg
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Generally worn or pocketed, escape maps contained cartographical data for servicemen caught behind enemy lines. Known as “silent charts”, the natural characteristics of silk allowed for a quiet, durable, and easily concealable accessory. Camouflaged and encoded, hidden survival instructions would be revealed only to the trained eye.

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Grid back pilot.jpg